Training & Development

Based in New Delhi, Delhi, Skywings Advisors Private Limited is counted among one of the top HR firms located in the region well-known for offering Training & Development Services. Being one of the top HR firms, we are providing training, development service, personality development services and interview preparation classes.

Personality development program provided by us are specially designed for your complete grooming. We also offer interview preparation classes to prepare you completely for your interviews. We believe you have the raw material in you and we just churn it, garnish it, and add finesse to it.

Mass Hiring Services

As one of the top HR firms located in New Delhi, Delhi, at Skywings Advisors Private Limited, we are providing mass hiring service. One of the biggest recruitment challenges for small and medium organizations is volume hiring of junior level of candidates without compromising on quality and retaining them as attrition rate is very high for this level in this case. We have a separate division which handles bulk hiring from all available sources. Sometimes organizations want us to work with them within their premises for this, we are always there for you.

Whether you are a new organization or a well-established one, we can provide proficient Mass Hiring Solutions. Our team of professionals duly understands the requirement of different companies and provides them with effective recruitment solutions. We can conduct hiring for different departments of an organization meeting the specialized requirement. For this, our experts screen the candidates on their proficiency, attitude and knowledge so that the cream lot is referred to various companies of different sectors.

Recruitment Services

Acquire our recruitment services to recruit the best human resources across the country for you company. We maintain a huge store of resumes with us, which enables us to hire highly qualified human resources for your firm.

Our recruitment team is immensely skilled and experienced in hiring only the most deserving candidates for different corporates. We offer our recruitment services at the best rates and our services will surely prove to be beneficial for your company. So, acquire our services for hiring efficient human resources and strengthen the base of your firm. We offer our services to companies all across the country.

Internship Services

Located in New Delhi, Delhi, at Skywings Advisors Private Limited, we are providing internships services. Skywings Advisors Private Limited provides a strong foundation for aspiring candidates for opting for internships, summer training and articleships. As per our understanding, employers ideally seek those candidates which have a strong internship experience in terms of brands, relevancy and exposure. A recent study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that 42% of the seniors with internship experience who applied for a job received at least one job offer compared to only 31% of seniors who had no internship experience. Taking inference from this particular finding, internship should be done from a place which provides you the relevancy factor and helps you understand the real job profile which you desire to venture into. Many candidates get confused at their time of internship and tend to take uninformed decisions which could go on and make their candidature appear patchy.

If you are finding it difficult to get internship irrespective of your course, you are at the right place. Skywings Advisors Private Limited is acting as a medium (catalyst) between prospective employees and employers. As candidates need good profiles and companies, companies need good interns too. This is where our network and solutions come into play.

For candidates: The candidates who face a quagmire at the time of their internship would find solutions with us as we carry out a comprehensive SWOT analysis of each candidate and carve out a customized internship solution for them.

For corporates: We understand the need of good interns at the level of the companies. We offer solutions to companies in terms of providing them with deserving, competent and relevant candidates. Our network with aspiring interns allows us to fill in a potential vacancy with a company expeditiously.

Paid vs. Unpaid: Not all companies offer a stipend to their interns. Many interns are also ready to join a company without any stipend. That is an individual choice. Nevertheless, candidates who feel they are able and have the capability of deserving a stipend and unfortunately are not able to get that opportunity may touch base with us. We have a network of organizations who gladly offer stipends to deserving interns.

Internships for academic credit: Sometimes employers will offer you academic credit for your internship in lieu of pay. Check with your school career services office about how these are handled at your institution. Most colleges require that you enroll in an internship course in order to receive credits.

Formal vs. Less-structured: Many large firms have formal internship programs with specific recruiting cycles. Make sure you know the recruiting timeline for your industry so that you do not miss that critical window. These internships typically have clearly defined roles, with clearly defined career paths. If you are more of an entrepreneurial type, you might prefer the less-structured environment of a smaller company where you may be able to define your own internship. If there is a dream company that you aspire to work for, but they do not have any advertised internships, then you might find a solution with us.

Summer internships vs. Academic year: Generally, internships are taken up by students during the summer. However, many students also do take up internships during their academic year. It is better to take up an internship close to your school. It is a widely accepted fact that the more internship you do the better, however, it should not harm your academics as some companies lay a lot of stress on a candidate’s academic performance.

Full-time vs. Part-time: Internships in the summer can be either full-time (40 hours+/week) or part-time (less than 40 hours, but varies widely). Obviously, internships during the academic year are part time. These types of internships usually offer a great deal of flexibility, because employers realize that you are juggling with your studies as well.

Internships for international students: International students must do an internship for academic credit in order to comply with CPT (curricular practical training) rules and it must be related to their course of study. But they can get paid for the same as well. We can help you to get international internship.

Study abroad internships: Many colleges have study abroad programs which include an internship component. Not only will you gain valuable internship experience with these programs, but will also get to experience working in a different culture. Our solutions cater to this aspect of internship as well.

Articleships: We also offer articleship assistance to students from the field of professional courses like CA/CS/ICWA.